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The Podcast Cometh!

I know I'd attempted some sort of 'comeback' with the Methods of Awakening YouTube channel a few years ago, but it fell flat due to various circumstances that I won't bore you with. What's gone is gone and can't be changed, but we have this moment to play with and play with it we shall! Today, the 31st of January 2020 marks the launch of the Methods of Awakening podcast. Click Here - Remember to Subscribe! In the first few episodes, I'll be making audio versions of the original posts with some additional commentary as I narrate them. I want to make an audio version available on all future posts, so incorporating the older content as part of the podcast allows me to bring it all together and have a few articles ready to rock in advance. At the moment, I'm expanding the online presence of Methods of Awakening and creating all the usual social media accounts as, much as I'm not crazy for the world of social media at all, it's the on

Updates & Changes

Updates & Changes I've gone back through my previous posts and edited them a bit to correct a lot of dreadful grammar! I was young and impressionable...o.k., so maybe I wasn't that young but the point remains. 😁 I intend to start posting more regularly as my set-up expands, so I wanted to make sure that the information already available on here was up-to-date. If you'd like to check any of the new edits out, please click the following links and share them wherever you think they'd be useful! Attentiveness: A Primer Access Concentration Practice Playtime: YouTube, Attentiveness & Insight Stop! Jhana Time! Occupy Now Remember to subscribe to the Methods of Awakening channel on YouTube. I'm currently working on setting up a small studio for filming material, so there will be new uploads in coming months. I might look into possibly crowdfunding the studio idea 'cause it'd be fairly cheap to set up. I do all of

Re-Awakening...or something.

It's been a long time. I could make a Led Zeppelin joke here, but I can't be bothered. Anyhow, it has indeed been a long time. A long time away from this blog, and probably even more time away from discussion of spiritual progress and meditation. Not that it's something I've ever lost interest in; on the contrary, I still walk the Path and practice daily in some form or another but I lost interest in talking about it. It's only now, as 2020 takes its first burning breaths, that I feel moved to begin writing again. Let's cut to the chase: I claimed to be 'enlightened' but I can quite confidently state that I am not. What I do know for certain is that I have experienced several different, what we could call “shifts” for the sake of convenience, wherein my baseline of consciousness has changed dramatically and without ever reverting to its previous state. Having been actively engaged in meditative practices for about ten years before